A Nature Conservation Effort

OurLand is a story about giving back to Mother Nature.


The idea first came to a few friends, and was simple: take commercial land and return it to nature by letting wild flora and fauna thrive there. OurLand is a nature conservatory focused on designing, developing, and sustaining a nature-friendly, yet technologically-advanced, life style.


The OurLand Nature reserve, is the last wildlife corridor through which wild animals can pass between the lower half of Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary (also Thailands oldest Wildlife sanctuary) and the water's edge by the Kwae Yai river.


In the heart of this conservatory is OurLand Sustainable Village, a unique way of experiencing life in the lap of nature. People from all over the world visit OurLand Reserve and Sustainable Village to soak in nature and the way of life here.


Situated in the middle of The Reserve, access to the Village is only allowed through the River Kwai Yai. Land access by vehicles is prohibited to preserve nature and to decrease damage by motorized transport.

Living in the wild means the OurLand teams are experts at wild life tracking, organic farming, wood construction, spear fishing, honey hunting, and much more. Visitors get a taste of all these when they spend time with us.


OurLand also works with the local communities to enhance understanding and acceptance towards conservation. This includes:
- Collaborating with local communities to address Human Elephant Conflict (HEC)
- Working with local orphanages to inspire children to take active leadership in nature conservation
- Serving as a meditation centre that allows groups who prefer the safe haven of a jungle over the hustle and bustle of the city


In a nutshell, at OurLand we are creating a new way of life, where nature is respected and conservation is seen as the crucial link between progress and tranquility . All this is viewed through a scientific lens to better understand how we can continue to co-exist with nature with the least possible damage.


Call it an enlightened, technologically-advanced way of life.


OurLand - Your Moment Awaits

Wang Dong,  Kanchanaburi,


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TEL    :  (+66) 81-996-3878

TEL2  :  (+66) 92-361-4040

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