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Activities  at  ourland

There are several activities that you can do at OurLand. Your first activity will start just by making your way to the OurLand reserve. Depending on what time of the day you access OurLand, you will either have to walk across or float down along the Kwae Yai River.

           This is because the water levels in the Kwae Yai River depend on the opening and closing of the Tha Thung Na Dam. In the mornings, water levels are low, allowing you to walk across the river. In the afternoon, water levels are up, which means you will be required to get dropped of at a spot higher up the river, and then float down to the OurLand river peer.

            All other activities revolve around either nature conservation or in helping appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature further. Further information on activities are provided below. Some of the activities are seasonal, so please check with us as to which activities are active.

Learn about snakes in Thailand!
A home in the jungle
Talk to the spirits of the Land
Nature's magic
A rescued burmese python
Learn about Elephants in the region
Yum...Yum! So much to explore!
Human-Elephant Conflict and Sanctuary Visit

Learn about the Human-Elephant Conflict in the region and visit elephant trekking camps and elephant sanctuaries to understand the situation of elepahants in the country. Be inviolved in several fun actities like sticky rice making for elepahants and swimming in the river with elepahants.


Ever seen an elephant in its natural habitat in Thailand? This is your chance to spend a quiet night on the top of one of our Wildlife watch towers.  Our expert wild elephant tracker will take you to the spots where there’s a high chance of seeing these gentle giants.


Want to save wildlife? Help us build a salt lick, basically a mud hole with minerals in it that helps the digestion of large herbivores like elephants, deer s and gaur. It’s hard work, as we dig in remote locations and setup these salt licks, but we promise you it’ll be worth it.


The Salakphra wild life sanctuary has 191 species of birds, of which several can be seen at OUR LAND. Wake up early (about 6am) and start by identifying their calls. Soon you’ll be able to see the birds as they feast on the fruits we put out. Our bird platforms mean you can get a perfect shot from a safe distance enough to now scare away the birds.


Learn about the jungle, and about the creatures that live in it, as our guides explain with several fun facts. Learn how to identify the tracks of wild elephants, deer’s and gaurs. Also learn about the Thai spirit house and its importance in Thai culture. We’re sure this will be a spiritual journey as much as it is a green one.

Snake education/first-aid

Did you know that Thailand is home to a wide variety of snake species. So it’s crucial that you get some snake education.

                In our course not only get up close with several of the local species of snake, but we’ll also teach you how to deal with a snake bite. Even for those who are afraid of our slithering friends, the course is very educational and sure to be fun!


PLEASE NOTE - ALL snakes are rescues from Bangkok and are awaiting release into the wild after quarantine. The reserve does not keep captive snakes except for educational purposes.


The best way at times to see the local wildlife is to float down a river.  See wild elephant access points where they come to drink water. See rare bird species that you’ll hardly ever see on-land.  Most importantly, take a chill pill and enjoy the cool waters of the Kwae Yai River. In the process our guides will teach you how to float down the river safely. 


The remaining programs are all part of the jungle survivor course. Any one of the activities can be done separately.

Tree climbing


Fortunately we’ve come a long way from the days our ancestors spent on the trees. But when it comes to jungle survival, it’s your best form of defense. With complete set of safety equipment (harness, climbing rope, belay) we will teach you the basics of going up a tree. The higher you go, the higher your chance of surviving a night in the jungle is.

Wang Dong,  Kanchanaburi,


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