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We believe in mutualistic exchange and collaborative, community-based approaches to conservation. 

We partner with local communities, authorities, and educational institutions in order to preserve land intended for commercial use while educating and working with a diverse array of stakeholders on sustainable, nature integrated practices. 

Vijo Varghese, Co-Founder and Director

Our Partners

Over the last five years, we have worked with countless organizations, authorities, and community members.


We want to express our gratitude and humility. We have undoubtedly learned just as much, most likely more, than we ever taught. Our projects have been successful through collaborative teams that link international and local people together in the mission of protecting and rehabilitating nature. 


Conservation is never done alone. Thank you.

Selected Partners and Collaborators

Community and Local Authorities

Chong Sadao Tree nursery

A community Wild Tree nursery with over 64 species of wild trees cultivated and several endangered species of tree, OurLand regularly buys tree seedlings for reforestation from this tree nursery. OurLand also runs an eco-tourism package in partnership with the Tree Nursery, where visitors come to learn about how tree nurseries work and how elemental they are reforestation.

Khao Namphu Banteng Conservation Center

With less than 500 of the critically endangered Banteng left in the world today, the Khao Namphu Banteng Conservation Center is crucial because it is the only center in the world, where Bantengs are bred and re-introduced into the wild. OurLand operates as the english education wing of the Banteng Conservation Center.

Bamboo School 

​Situated in Bong Ti Village, close to the Thai/Myanmar border, Bamboo School is run by Catherine Ruth Bryan-Riley to educate orphaned Burmese refugee children. She has won several awards for her humanitarian work from the Thai, Australian and New Zealand governments. OurLand educates the 70+ children about nature conservation and sustainability. The children from Bamboo School regularly visit OurLand.

Wang Dong Anamai Health Center

Baan Rai Kong Mun Conservation Kuiburi

NGO, Social Enterprise, Business

SOS Earth

A Climate change awareness company, SOS Earth partners with OurLand to raise awareness about issues like plastic use, CO2 emissions from construction and general trash usage and recycling. SOS Earth holds regular trips to OurLand, so members of the organization can learn about sustainable and low carbon living. 

Tusk n Trunk

A Wildlife Conservation awareness agency, Tusk and Trunk focuses specifically to raise awareness about the plight of the remaining 4000 Wild elephants in Thailand. The organization holds regular trips to OurLand and gives opportunities for anyone interested to get involved in wild elephant conservation. 

Albatross Video

is a full-service video production company based in Thailand, who kickstarted the Inspire Change initiative in 2018. Under Inspire Change, Albatross created and distributed a 15 episode docu-series called Heroes of Thailand. Aside from social projects, Albatross supports global brands and agencies with high quality commercial content.

Happy Grocers

A.P.A.E Italian Snake Rescue Foundation

Schools and Educational 


The first international study program to partner with OurLand, the company has brought over 15 groups to OurLand to learn about conservation and sustainability. ARCC Summer and Gap programs focus on community-driven and community-led sustainable projects that run on the ground year round. ARCC invests in local communities by working with OurLand by supporting quality projects that directly benefit the local communities. 



A revolutionary student leadership program, with a 21 day program in Thailand, OurLAnd manages the full “Elephants and Ecology” program for GLA. The students travel to several locations in Thailand like Kanchanburi, Kuiburi and Huahin to learn about the plight of wildlife in Thailand. 

Barges Program

Walking tree

School of Art Singapore

Innovation for Happiness 

Academic Research

We intend to measure the baseline biodiversity of the corridor in the near future. If you or your university would be interested on partnering with us on surveying the flora and fauna in the area, please reach out to us. 

University of Lodz

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