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Our extracurricular and co-curricular educational offerings are engaging, impactful, and catered to your classrooms' needs. 

Virtual experiences for deeper engagement (can be in preparation for on-site or stand alone).

Sustainability and conservation are critical themes we must grapple with in the 21st century. Our students will be equipped with an understanding of the state of the environment, biodiversity, conservation, and energy while being invited to devise solutions to the challenges they are inheriting. 
We help students realize the power of sustained local impact and further encourage systems thinking to find and address downstream implications of our actions. 
Through live, interactive sessions, students will be virtually immersed in on-the-ground projects in reforestation, renewable energy, conservation, and more! 
Classes will be taught in 45-minute to one-hour sessions, designed to be integrated at least once per week. Our packages are currently suitable for up to 20-25 students. Organizations may choose to incorporate different packages individually or as a whole - whatever best suits the students' complete education in sustainability.

Our Course Offerings:

We developed a 16 module course that can be assembled to your liking and needs, either in a full 16 week semester or divided into thematic mini-courses to meet your unique objectives. 

# 1 Biodiversity and Environment (4 hour)

The state of our planet, plants, & animals

  • Land-Use and Conservation

  • Keystone Species

  • Human-Elephant-Conflict

  • Climate Change


#2 Conservation in Action (4 hour)

Exploring innovative initiatives & grappling with ethical challenges

  • Tree Nursery 

  • Elephant Sanctuary

  • Critically Endangered Banteng Reintroduction 

  • Snake Rescue & Rehabilitation


#3 Production and Consumption (4 hour)

Investigating our inputs & our needs 

  • Building & Infrastructure

  • Plastic & Recycling 

  • True Cost of Fashion

  • Eco-Minimalism

#4 Sustainability Systems (4 hour)

A systems approach to building solutions 

  • Earth's Life Support Systems

  • Agricultural Systems

  • Waste Management

  • Energy, Carbon, & Renewables

If you are interested, we invite you to read through our virtual education overview presentation to learn more about our education strategy, specific goals & objectives, and curriculum integration guide.  Click on the link below for more information!

*Please contact us for detailed price lists, as prices vary depending on the degree of curriculum customization. 

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