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Nature-Based Sustainability Education  digitized

Virtual field trips for challenging times.

Sustainability and conservation are critical themes we must grapple with in the 21st century. Our students will be equipped with an understanding of the state of the environment, biodiversity, conservation, and energy while being invited to devise solutions to the challenges they are inheriting. 
We help students realize the power of sustained local impact and further encourage systems thinking to find and address downstream implications of our actions. 
Through live, interactive sessions, students will be virtually immersed in on-the-ground projects in reforestation, renewable energy, conservation, and more! 
Classes will be taught in 45 minute to one hour sessions, designed to be integrated at least once per week. Our packages are currently suitable for up 15-20 students. Organizations may choose to incorporate different packages individually or as a whole - whatever best suits the complete education in sustainability.

Our Course Offerings:


( 3 week program, total time - 3 hours)

Each week will have the students spend 1 hour learning about Nature & Sustainability. The objective of the program is to introduce students to the topics of Conservation and Sustainability through the OurLand Reserve and Eco-village. We recommend this program if students completely new to these topics and require a very introductory look into these topics. 



(6 week program, total time - 6 hours)

Each week will have the students spend 1 hour learning about Nature & Sustainability. Students will look in depth into the topics of Sustainability and the 4 core pillars : Water, Energy, Water and Food. Students will also be introduced to the OurLand Reserve and the flora and fauna of the place. 


Full program

(12 weeks, total time - 12 hours)

This program contains an indepth look into both the topics of Sustainability and Nature Conservation. Students will learn about Sustainability and the 4 core pillars : Water, Energy, Water and Food. In addition to this, we will visit various conservation sites, namely the Serpentine Snake Rescue Center, Elephant Sanctuary and the Critically Endangered Banteng Reintroduction center. By the end of this program students would have a complete understanding about sustainability and Nature conservation in Thailand.

*Please contact us for detailed price lists, as prices vary depending on number of students and degree of curriculum customization. 

On-site Educational Packages (postponed due to COVID-19)

We work with international and local school groups as well as conscious travel agencies to facilitate courses in nature education and sustainability in our reserve and in partnership with our local community. 
We curate experiences that catalyze learning and growth through experiential education. 
We have one day, two day, one week, to one month courses ready to be booked and are happy to work with educators to develop customized experiences that integrate with broader curricula. 
If you or your school is interested in learning with us, please get in touch.
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Our Conscious Tourist Packages (Postponed due to COVID-19)

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Cultivate your curiosity for the natural world through our experiential learning tours.

All About Elephants

1 day


Spend the first half of your day learning about Human-Elephant Conflict and the second half of the day experiencing the reality of elephants in captivity with our partnered elephant sanctuaries, safely and ethically - absolutely no riding. Your contribution helps to alleviate the suffering of animals saved from a lifetime of working for humans.

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Wild Side Kanchanaburi 



Spend your first day floating down a river, hiking through the jungle, and learning about sustainability in our very own eco-village and sustainability education center. Become engrossed in on-the-ground conservation efforts. Spend your second day developing an appreciation of the animals we protect, at our partnered elephant sanctuaries and local snake rescue center (optional). 

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A Day in the Jungle 

1 day 


Take a morning hike through the jungle to OurLand, and let us introduce you to sustainable living practices at our eco-village and education center. Come explore while being part of a nature conservation site. Truly immerse yourself in nature by finishing your day with a float down the famous River Kwai. 

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In the Footsteps of Wild Elephants

1 day (8 person minimum)


Kanchanaburi is at the southern tip of the Western Forest Complex, one of the largest protected contiguous forest systems in Southeast Asia. OurLand is a pivotal corridor for elephants and other creatures to make their nightly journey to drink from the River Kwae. See for yourself the reality of human-elephant conflict and the struggles elephants and farmers must endure while delving into the innovative solutions that are being implemented by our local community. 

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Visiting Serpentine Education Center

1/2 day


Snakes play an extremely important role in the ecosystem. OurLand also runs a snake rescue and education center, where you can learn about snakes of Thailand and how to behave around snakes to stay safe. 

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Environment, Wildlife, and Ecovillage

The Reserve

The OurLand reserve is home to many species of birds, bats, insects, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

The Ecovillage

Our ecovillage and education center is integrated with nature and offers an experience to live rough and hear the sounds of the jungle, smell the forest air, and live for a time in the heart of mother nature.