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Come visit us in Kanchanaburi & Koh Yao Noi for an immersion into real conservation efforts in the jungle and at sea.


All About Elephants

1 day


Spend the first half of your day learning about the Human-Elephant Conflict and the second half experiencing the reality of elephants in captivity with our partnered elephant sanctuaries, safely and ethically - absolutely no riding. Your contribution helps to alleviate the suffering of animals saved from a lifetime of working for humans.

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Wild Side Kanchanaburi 



Spend your first day floating down a river, hiking through the jungle, and learning about sustainability in our very own eco-village and sustainability education center. Become engrossed in on-the-ground conservation efforts. Spend your second day developing an appreciation of the animals we protect, at our partnered elephant sanctuaries and local snake rescue center (optional). 

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A Day in the Jungle 

1 day 


Take a morning hike through the jungle to OurLand, and let us introduce you to sustainable living practices at our eco-village and education center. Come explore while being part of a nature conservation site. Truly immerse yourself in nature by finishing your day with a float down the famous River Kwai. 

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In the Footsteps of Wild Elephants

1 day (8 person minimum)


Kanchanaburi is at the southern tip of the Western Forest Complex, one of the largest protected contiguous forest systems in Southeast Asia. OurLand is a pivotal corridor for elephants and other creatures to make their nightly journey to drink from the River Kwae. See for yourself the reality of human-elephant conflict and the struggles elephants and farmers must endure while delving into the innovative solutions being implemented by our local community. 

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Visiting Serpentine Education Center

1/2 day


Snakes play an extremely important role in the ecosystem. OurLand also runs a snake rescue and education center, where you can learn about snakes of Thailand and how to safely behave around snakes. 

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We work with international and local school groups as well as conscious travel agencies to facilitate courses in nature education and sustainability in our reserve and in partnership with our local community in Kanchanaburi & Koh Yao Noi!

We curate experiences that catalyze learning and growth through experiential education. 

We have one-day, two-day, one-week, and one-month courses ready to be booked, and we are happy to work with educators to develop customized experiences that integrate with broader curricula. 

If you or your school is interested in learning with us, please get in touch.

For more information about our partners, please visit our partners page

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