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Come visit us in Kanchanaburi for an immersion into real conservation efforts in the jungle.

Our Top Pick

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you're gently floating down a breathtaking river in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Lush jungle flanks you on either side, and the vibrant calls of exotic birds fill the air. This isn't just any river ride - it's a journey into the heart of the region's ecology, led by expert guides who'll unveil the secrets of the flourishing plant and animal life. As you float, tranquility washes over you, but the adventure's just beginning. You'll disembark at a hidden village, where a unique experience awaits. Climb aboard a specially-made elephant path, a gentle and sustainable way to navigate the jungle's hidden trails. Keep your eyes peeled for exotic plants and fascinating creatures as your guide leads you on a short trek through this emerald paradise. After your exploration, relax and savor delicious drinks, all included in this unforgettable half-day escape.

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Spend the first half of your day learning about Human-Elephant Conflict and the second half of the day experiencing the reality of elephants in captivity with our partnered elephant sanctuaries, safely and ethically - absolutely no riding. Your contribution helps to alleviate the suffering of animals saved from a lifetime of working for humans.

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Unwind with a serene float down a

crystal-clear river after conquering a thrilling jungle trek. Then, delve into the heart of sustainability at our eco-village and education center! This isn't just a visit, it's a chance to roll up your sleeves and join real-world conservation efforts. Learn practical skills for living in harmony with nature, and get ready to get dirty - for a good cause!

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Start your day with a serene float down the scenic Kwai River, soaking up the beauty of Kanchanaburi province. After unwinding on the water, embark on a thrilling jungle trek, immersing yourself in the lush greenery.

Finally, delve into the heart of OurLand, a hidden eco-village dedicated to sustainable living. Leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and with a newfound appreciation for nature's harmony.


This 2-day adventure ticks all the boxes! Start by floating down the Kwai, soaking up the beauty and learning about the local environment. Next, a short jungle trek lets you explore the region's diverse plant and animal life. Then, ditch the tourist trail and head to OurLand, a hidden eco-village dedicated to sustainable practices.

Day two is all about getting active! Learn the art of sustainable construction by making mud bricks, fuel up with a delicious lunch, and discover the secrets of sustainable farming practices. Finally, cool off with a refreshing dip in the Kwai River.

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